Inclusive Technology Use in Early Childhood Education

Purpose and Intent

This site has been created for a final project in the University of Calgary's Masters of Teaching program (BEd), called an Independent Inquiry. As with almost all of our assignments/projects in the program, this was left wide open for creativity and imagination. So, I decided to present my research in the format of a website. This medium is important for me to ensure constant access to my work, as well as sharing with my peers.

The purpose of the chosen topic is to develop a strong foundation in understanding how to approach technology in Early Childhood settings, as this is my major. Mostly, I have learned a lot about technology and applications over the last couple of years only to find that much of it is inaccessible to many K-3 learners. Often this is due to a lack of typing skills, developing reading skills, and a heavier focus on cursive writing. With this project, I set out to discover how technology can be used for inclusive learning in the Early Childhood classroom.

Furthermore, throughout the research portion, I have attempted to embody the education REvolution ideology. That is, we are in the midst of a paradigm shift in education that is different from previous changes in education, and reflects the vastly different needs of 21st century learners. To this end, I have intentionally left out tools and resources that, in my opinion, do not suit these learners needs or my own pedagogical philosophy. Finally, all resources and examples cited should be viewed in the context of inquiry-based learning and designs where students are offered structure and choice, and learning is personalized.